Black Sea NGO Network Regional Plan

Photo: © C.Laycock

This Plan has been drawn up to contribute to the fulfillment of the BSNN mission, namely to contribute to the protection and rehabilitation of the Black Sea, including the Azov Sea, and to the sustainable development of the Black Sea countries through increased participation of NGOs, governments, businesses and other institutions, as well as the general public.

In follows the logical framework approach and incorporates ideas of the National Plans of NGO members from the 6 Black Sea countries involved – Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The following abstract presents the specific objectives of the Network in their relation to the objectives of the Plan.

Specific Objective I

To develop a framework, mechanisms and practices for advocacy and lobbying of local, national and international authorities, businesses and other institutions involved in the decision making process regarding the Black Sea

I.1. Local governments in the major towns along the Black Sea coast continuously incorporate environmental concerns in their statutory processes

I.2. Local businesses improve their environmental performance towards reduction of pollution of the rivers, wetlands and the Black Sea and sustainable use of natural resources

I.3. All Black Sea countries sign and ratify international environmentally related treaties and agreements

I.4. Enforcement of legislation related to the Black Sea in all countries

I.5. Development and adoption of Black Sea National Strategic Action Plans before the year 2000 in all countries

I.6. Governments of all countries incorporate environmental concerns related to the Black Sea in the sectoral policies and programs

I.7. Governments of all countries effectively and within the timeframe implement the Black Sea National Strategic Action Plans and other policies related to the protection of the Black Sea

I.8. Placing the Black Sea region issues as a priority on the agenda of international institutions and businesses

Specific Objective II

To identify and address the priority environmental issues of the Black Sea

II.1. Protecting the biodiversity and landscape in the region

II.2. Prevention of pollution with hazardous substances including oil and gas

II.3. Introduction of the ICZM practices

II.4. Introduction of sustainable practices and encouragement of the existing ones: sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism, maricultures, apiculture, traditional crafts and other environmental businesses

II.5. Reduction of the pollution of the Black Sea, its coast and wetlands from point and non-point sources

II.6. Public participation in the emergency response safety system

II.7. Sustainable use of energy, water and materials

II.8. Environmental rehabilitation

Specific Objective III

To increase environmental awareness and public participation in the decision-making processes on all levels

III.1. Ensuring continuous information flow to the public on current events and problems related to the activities of the local authorities and businesses, Black Sea problems and their origin and active legislation

III.2. Involving the general public in events aimed at raising the public awareness and involvement in the solution of environmental problems

III.3. Increasing the general public’s culture and knowledge about the environment and landscape conservation

Specific Objective IV

To build the capacity of the Black Sea NGO Network and its members

IV.1. Establishment of the Network’s effective operation

IV.2. Maintaining effective operation of the Network

IV.3. Raising NGO efficiency

IV.4. Raising NGO capacity through provision of equipment and communication systems

IV.5. Building partnership with organization based on the basin approach

IV.6. Self-sustainability